Do I Feel Good?

If you feel like you always feel…then how do you know if you feel good? This is the question that I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. I guess it’s because my dog is getting older. Chester will be 13 in two weeks. Yikes. I must be getting older, too. But I don’t really feel 37. Or do I? Is this age thing just like the old frog in the boiling water – I’m slowly getting older so I can’t really feel it?

When my dog starting having problems with his joints, I tried all sorts of remedies to help his limping from drugs to laser therapy. But nothing had as big of an effect as switching his food did. I started giving him this prescription dog chow. JD – Joint Diet. The change is incredible. He’s moving around again like he’s 9 instead of 13.

So what about me? Will changing my diet make me feel better? I already think I eat pretty well. I cook all the time. I enjoy making food from scratch, but what if my choices aren’t the best for me. My knee hurts, what can I eat to easy that ache? And what about all these mood swings? Are those due to my diet?

To find the answers, I think that I need a bunch of data. So, I’m gonna use this blog to track what’s coming out of my kitchen (and going into my body) and how I’m feeling after I’m eating it. I’m not going to be strict and try to do a detox or go vegan or anything extreme. I’m just going keep cooking like I have been but now I’m going to start paying attention to the aftermath!